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Mushroom business in solapur

  • Solapur District is a district in Maharashtra state of India which is based nearby Kolhapur and Sangli. 
  • Solapur includes different talukas or towns-Solapur North, Malshiras,Pandharpur, Barshi, Madha, Sangole, Akkalkot, Mohol,  Solapur South,  Karmala, and Mangalvedhe.
  • The number of mushroom farmers is now around 15-20  according to mushroom learning center's survey.
  • Now local and region people are started to grow and eat oyster mushrooms.
  • Some of local shops in solapur city have started to sell oyste mushrooms, button mushroos in there shops.
  • Hotels also started to cook mushroom curry and other food items.
  • Mushroom Learning Center, Jaysingpur, Kolhapur is supplying mushrooms spawn, mushrooms and mushroom byproducts. 
  • It is also making network of distributors and retailers in solapur.
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