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How can we cook mushrooms?

There are many ways to cook mushrooms, and it depends on the type, but we will give you my favorite generic method.

Common white or the “Crimini” mushrooms can be eaten raw if you like.

A simple and flavorful way for these types is to clean them with a brush, paper towel, etc, slice off the bottom of the stalk, and then slice them about 1/8″ or so thick.

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In a hot pan (about medium-high heat), add a good portion of unsalted butter, Olive Oil or a combination of both. Add the sliced mushrooms and quickly toss them to coat them in the fat. They will soak it up very quickly so try to move them around a lot in the first few moments. The idea is you want a good amount of fat, so for say a small plastic container size that you would find, you want around at least a Tablespoon or two of fats. This is important so that they develop a nice browning and not just dry up and burn.

Add some (dry or fresh) Thyme, White Pepper and sea salt. They will being to exude their water, so keep stirring on occasion. If the heat is too high you will scorch them, so as long as they are browning nicely (after the water is released) then you are on track. Keep going until the moisture is pretty much gone and the Mushrooms are golden.

You can then serve them with a variety of things, or even eat them on a good Baguette like that with some swiss cheese and finished under the broiler.

They freeze exceptionally well like this and will keep in the refrigerator for a week safely, possibly longer.

This method works very well with nearly all of the more common grocery finds: Oyster Mushrooms, Portabella, Shiitake, Maitake.

A cool way to do Portabella, is remove the Stalk, Clean and then place into a hot pan with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Gills up. Sprinkle with salt. As it begins to cook (just make sure it isn’t to hot to burn it) and the cap is nicely brown, drizzle liberally some more olive oil on the gills and a dash of Worsteshire (Lea and Perrins, not the nasty one(s)) and/or Shoyu. Flip it over and then place a heavy pan on top. Let it brown nicely and it will become perfect for a “burger” like that, with a very nice texture. Skip the Worsteshire for vegetarian.

I can fill a book with my recipes but these are my favorite easy and generic methods.