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Bunashimeji-An excellent Source of Nutrition

  • Bunashimeji is not only flavorful but also high in nutrition. A single package of Bunashimeji provides a significant source of Pantothenic Acid (15% RDV), Riboflavin (15% RDV), Thiamin (10% RDV) and Potassium (8% RDV). 
  • It is also cholesterol and sodium free in addition to low in calories. 
  • Bunashimeji is a very popular mushroom in Japan. It is called “Beech Mushrooms” because they often grow on fallen beech trees. 
  • Bunashimeji has a nutty, buttery flavor, and a firm, crunchy texture.
  •  These mushrooms also grow in clusters and produce tender caps. 
  • Our Brown Beech mushrooms have been formulated to lessen the bitterness of traditional Bunashimeji. 
  • Still, western palettes will probably best enjoy Brown beech mushrooms after cooking, which mellow the flavor.
  •  Try this specialty mushroom baked, steamed, or sauteed in olive oil.
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